Resignation day

Stepping out, taking a chance and trading stability for happiness. Not too long ago I had a comfortable job working for an awesome company. It was a dream job by many standards, and most of the time it never really felt like a job at all. It was just fun. After awhile things changed, the company grew up and most of the things I was passionate about withered away. I had an opportunity to start a new gig with a couple buddies, so I took a gamble and jumped ship to start something new.

The new venture started out as planned and it was everything I had hoped it would be. I was working with a lightweight team of ninjas, free to motor away on projects without the constraints of working within a large organization. We were driven, we believed in what we were doing and most of all, we were happy.

I’ll spare the details, but a few things beyond our control changed the focus of our company. We addressed the change head on and were optimistic with the new direction. Bit by bit everything we enjoyed began to slip away and we found ourselves in a very different situation altogether. As much as I tried to keep a brave face and convince myself I was happy, it just became more apparent to my friends and family that this just wasn’t the case.

Today I find myself making the same decision again. I know what makes me happy. I know I’ll be wasting my time if I don’t pursue it. This time I’m not jumping ship to start something new. I’m jumping ship to cut the distractions from what I’ve been doing my entire career: designing. So here’s to saying “fuck it” and taking another chance at being happy.

I’m going the way of the hired gun. Wish me luck.
If you see me selling fruit off I-70 in 6 months, please be kind and buy a bushel.

Hired gun


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