Making the cover of dirt rider

Making the cover of a magazine is a pretty big deal. It doesn’t even really matter what sort of magazine it is; if you make the cover, that’s awesome! I recently saw the January 2011 issue of Dirt Rider magazine and totally pooped: a photo of myself and a few close friends were featured on the cover next to a headline that read “TEAM AMERICA! %#[email protected] YEAH!”

Dirt Rider

What’s that you say? It’s not really the cover, it’s only a square inch in the top left corner? It takes talent, determination and a laundry list of professional accolades to be taken seriously? Well I got news for you, Jack! You obviously have never attempted to drink beer whilst wearing a tri-colored Hulkamaniac ’stache at MXoN.

Team USA

We totally made the cover.
%#[email protected] YEAH!

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