Make time for your passions

“Sorry guys, can’t do it. I’m slammed with work right now.”
“I would love to, but I have to put out some fires at the office.”
“Looks like another week without an end to make deadline. Next time, fellas.”

Sound familiar? I know I’ve muttered those lame ass excuses a time or two before. To be totally honest, I’ve found myself deflecting opportunities to have fun with the excuse of being “too busy” for years now.

Cube life

At first I didn’t notice. I was too focused with getting my career rolling. Shortly after that I woke up and realized I was married. Then I had a kid. Now there’s two kids, holy shit! I definitely can’t take a break now, I have to work to keep this all afloat. What happened? How did I end up here? You would be amazed how fast life can move sometimes. No matter how hard I worked I never seemed to finally “get there” and resume a normal pace. With every milestone accomplished there was always another to take it’s place. I realized I had become one of those adults who chooses to work their life away. When I was younger I had a name for those types of unhappy people: assholes.

Last month I decided it was time to slow down, get selfish and quit being an asshole. Now this isn’t a quarter-life crisis or anything like that. I adore my family and I love running my own design studio; absolutely! However, those were not the type of things I would day dream about as a kid. What I did fantasize about was making the main event at Washougal and pulling a holeshot at Glen Helen. That’s right, I’m talking about motocross.

I started out racing 80’s when I was 14 and kept at it all the way through college. For me, there isn’t any greater feeling than riding with friends on a sunny afternoon. It’s my thing. It is what I am passionate about. All the reasons for selling my race bikes years ago still exist today: I can’t afford to get hurt right now, I don’t have any time to ride, I should probably save some money, etcetera; but it didn’t matter. Riding has always made me happy. Recently I decided it was time to get back in action and, on a whim, I went out and bought a new race bike.

Thunder Valley MX

One month in and I can already see a huge change in my life. I’m not stressed out when I am at home with my family. My creativity and productivity have skyrocketed at the office and most importantly, I’m happy. So if you shelved a personal passion for whatever reason, it’s time to put it back in your life. Don’t wait another day. Dust off your cleats, get the band back together. Do whatever it is you used to do and remember what it’s like to have fun again.

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