Designing the Quinn Acoustics logo and website

Earlier this year we were contacted by our good friend, Brian Warren, from Be Good Not Bad to see if we were interested in helping out with a design project for one of his clients. Brian is a talented designer, developer and all-around great guy. He’s also a pleasure to work with, and we happily accepted without hesitation. This particular project called for the branding and logo design of a new company, as well as the user interface design of their new website. The new company, Quinn Acoustics, is the product of a joint venture between one of the largest speaker manufacturers in the world, and Car Toys, Inc. — the largest independent specialty retailer of car audio products in North America.

Quinn Acoustics

Quinn Acoustics, as a brand, represents quality, innovation and value. This was something we kept a close eye on when designing the logo and user interface of the website. Designing the Quinn Acoustics logo required some special considerations: not only did the final logo design have to work well online and on various printed collateral; their logo also needed to stand its ground when applied to the physical product by method of sublimation, adhesion or, occasionally, when stamped into rubber moldings.

Once the logo and website design was complete, Be Good Not Bad did all of the front-end and CMS development, launching the site at the beginning of November. If you are in the market for affordable, high-end speakers and subs for your ride, check out

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