Cava Mezze Grill Mobile Website

Cava Mezze Grill mobile web development

Cava Mezze Grill is a successful Greek restaurant chain that offers nutritious fast-casual Greek fare using fresh, local ingredients for a truly unique and delicious experience. We recently had the pleasure of helping Cava Mezze Grill make their website mobile friendly to cater to their hungry users on the go. was originally designed by Unison who did a fantastic job designing a beautiful website for modern desktop browsers. We took their existing design and front-end assets and rolled them into a custom ExpressionEngine CMS so Cava Mezze Grill could easily update and manage their previously static website. Once the CMS was in place we used moderate device detection to optimize the markup and content for mobile users on the go. We also crafted a responsive interface for device browsers which enabled the original design to be fluid for smaller screen sizes.

The end result was a hybrid mobile solution. Rather than forking the existing site and using a subdomain to redirect users to a dedicated mobile site we created responsive styles for handheld devices and used device detection to optimize content delivery and improve load times on non-desktop browsers. This was a fantastic solution as it allowed Cava Mezze Grill to maintain a single domain, codebase and source of content while providing an optimum user experience to all their users, regardless of the browser or device they accessed the website on.

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